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From Shore To Shore examines both the continuity and the changes that have affected Irish traditional music since the turn of the previous century. Using New York City as the focus, this documentary mixes historic photographs and film footage with contemporary interviews and performances. It traces the influence of family and community, Irish immigration, and American popular culture on the traditional music played in New York today. While the primary place of traditional music in New York is the same as it was in rural Ireland—for personal and social enjoyment—the urban environment offered commercial possibilities as well as challenges. Many Irish balanced the effect of modern cultural forces with traditional customs such as house sessions and informal learning from master musicians. From Shore To Shore shows how Irish traditional music became a powerful vehicle for the transmission of ethnic identity from generation to generation. View film clip below.

From Shore To ShoreFrom Shore To Shore: Irish Traditional Music In New York City (57:00, 1993)
A documentary on Irish immigrant musicians and their offspring, incorporating oral history interviews to trace the influences of family and community, ethnic identity, and American popular culture on the traditional music played in contemporary New York City. From Shore To Shore was broadcast on PBS television stations in New York City, Reno, Nevada, and nationally in Ireland and Australia, and screened in numerous film festivals and conferences in the U.S. and in Ireland. Extensive clips of From Shore To Shore were installed as part of the exhibition Ireland America: The Ties That Bind, at the Library for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center, New York City, in the Spring and Summer of 2011.
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Produced and directed by Patrick Mullins;
Writer/Co-Producer, Rebecca Miller;
Historian/Associate Producer, Marion R. Casey;
Executive Producer, Nye Heron

From Shore To Shore fiscal sponsor, The Irish Arts Center, N.Y.C. © 1993 Cherry Lane Productions (57 mins.)

Special DVD bonus feature: From Shore To Shore: Retrospective Reels—Additional performances & interviews from the video documentary From Shore To Shore.

Beginning in April 1988, a number of oral histories and Irish traditional music and dance performances were videotaped for the documentary From Shore To Shore: Irish Traditional Music In New York City. Many of these recordings were not able to be included in the original 57-minute documentary. This additional footage provides a retrospective look at a vibrant community of musicians, dancers, and audiences during one important era in the story of Irish traditional music in America.

Featuring performances by:
Mary Bergin; Jean Butler; Fr. Charlie Coen; Buddy Connolly; Kevin Connolly; Matty Connolly; Maureen Glynn Connolly; Brian Conway; Tom Doherty; Tony DeMarco; Felix Dolan; Tom Doolan; Rita Flaherty; Donny Golden; Eileen Golden; Vincent Harrison; Eileen Ivers; John Jennings; James Keane; Joe Kelly; Willie Kelly; Jane Kelton; Mick Kenny; Maureen Doherty Macken; Joanie Madden; Pete Mancuso; Billy McComiskey; Andy McGann; Antoinette McKenna; Jo McNamara; Becky Miller; Mick Moloney; John Morrison; Paddy O’Brien; Bill Ochs; Robbie O’Connell; Jerry O’Sullivan; Paddy Reynolds; The Wednesday Nighters; John Whelan; Louise Kahan Whelan; Martin Wynne; and others.

Plus interviews with:
Dan Collins; Brian Conway; Tom Doherty; Mary Coleman Hannon; Earle Hitchner; Maureen Doherty Macken; Andy McGann; Mary Coleman O’Beirne; Paddy Reynolds; & Martin Wynne

Produced & Edited by Patrick Mullins; Interviews by Rebecca Miller & Patrick Mullins

From Shore To Shore: Retrospective Reels fiscal sponsor—The New York Irish History Roundtable, with post-production funding from The Irish Institute of New York, Inc. © 2006 Cherry Lane Productions (52 mins.)

Region Code: All Regions (NTSC); Format: Full Screen; Run time: From Shore to Shore approx. 57 mins.; Retrospective Reels approx. 52 mins.

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 From Shore To Shore & Retrospective Reels
From Shore To Shore & Retrospective Reels


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